10 Ways to De-Stress

Life is stressful. Sometimes we can remove the stress factors, and sometimes we can’t. It is important for our physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health to take some time to do things that make us feel relaxed and rested. Here are ten of my favorite ways to de-stress!

  1. Brew and sip a cup of hot tea. The herbs in the tea rejuvenate our bodies. The action of brewing the tea and then sipping it, forces us to slow down for a few minutes. Slowing down for a few minutes helps our body catch up with and heal from all that is going on around it – much like sleep restores us every night.
  2. Listen to happy music. Listening to sad music when we are sad or stressed only makes us feel worse. We want to be happy! So listen to happy music!
  3. Journal everything you have been thinking about. The main thing here is to just write. It can get as simple or complex as you want. Write notes on your phone or laptop. Or get a fancy journal. Or start bullet journaling (my personal favorite!). You can check out my friend Elise’s YouTube channel here: Elise Lewis. By writing our thoughts on paper, we no longer have to make the conscious effort to remember everything, and that reduces our stress.
  4. Get out of the house! Sometimes I feel trapped in my house, and the best way to get out… is to get out! Go shopping, grab coffee, watch the fish at the pet shop, visit the library, or go to the park. You will come back in a new frame of mind!
  5. Talk to someone. It helps to get someone else’s perspective on the whole situation. By discussing it with someone else, we often realize that our problem is not as big as it seemed. We also discover new solutions – sometimes it’s our friend’s good advice that helps, and sometimes it’s the mental process of talking about our problems that helps us come up with our own solutions.
  6. Do something active. Activity releases endorphins, helping us feel good and less stressed. It doesn’t matter what you do – anything from yoga to crossfit. My personal favorites are working out, rock climbing, biking, horseback riding, hiking, and kayaking.
  7. Light a candle. The act of lighting a candle forces you to slow down and appreciate the small, but meaningful things in life. The small glow from the chemical reaction creates an atmosphere like none other.
  8. Clean up your room (or house!). I never thought I would be the one saying this… I am known as the messiest person in the family! But after tidying up, I think clearer and respect myself more. I accomplish more work, too.
  9. Run an essential oil diffuser. You can pick any essential oil or combination you like! My favorite is peppermint. It smells amazing, improves mental focus, and aids digestion. 
  10. Pray or meditate. By telling God all our fears and troubles, we release them to Him. We acknowledge that He is greater than we are and able to take care of our every need.  It is very assuring, and it has the ability to eliminate all our stress.

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