How I Get Rid of My Workout Excuses and How You Can Too!

When you are working hard to get fit and be active, you’ve got to find what motivates you and what you enjoy doing. You’ve got to find that thing that’ll get you working out everyday – and it doesn’t feel like a chore. And you’ve got to get your excuses out of the way. Let me demonstrate by telling you a piece of my fitness story:

I used to work out only at home – running, body weight exercises, and sports (soccer, softball, ping pong). But there was a problem – several, actually.

You might say that the ability to workout at home is an advantage, and I’d agree. However, at home, I also found a lot of excuses not to workout. First, there wasn’t really space for me to workout – my sisters were always either using the space, or I was a distraction to them through the window as they were doing their schoolwork. Second, as I got more interested in crossfit, I wanted to start doing barbell lifts, but I didn’t have money or space for a barbell, mat, and squat rack. Third, I was struggling with a stomach problem that kept me from running more than a mile without needing a bathroom. Fourth, the weather would be cold or rainy or too hot (okay, maybe I should just tough it out). Fifth, I would see all the things that I “should” do instead of working out, like cleaning up my room, working in the garden, writing, reading, music practice, or taking a nap. At the gym, those excuses disappeared. If an area or machine was open, it was mine to use. They had four squat racks, meaning a barbell was always open. And there was a bathroom fifty feet from the treadmill. And it was fun! I would go and just workout for an hour. Once I got to the gym, I had no other option than to workout – there is nothing else to do there! When the hour was up, I’d leave, and my workout was done for the day. However, at the turn of the New Year, my gym membership expired. During the past week, I figured I’d just workout at home. But I’ve had about zero motivation to workout and plenty of excuses – proving the point that I need to get my gym membership renewed asap!

The point I’m trying to make by telling you all this, is, that when you take away your excuses, working out becomes so much easier. Think running is boring? Listen to podcasts or music. Too cold outside? Go to the gym. Don’t have enough equipment? Join a gym. Want a coach and people to workout with? Join a crossfit gym. Hate the gym in general? Pick up hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, snowboarding, skateboarding – anything active. As for me, I love outdoor sports and adventure. But I also like how I feel after a good run and/or weight lifting session. So identify your excuses and find ways to eliminate them! It’ll be much easier to workout consistently.

This is the first of many fitness posts to come. Fitness and an active lifestyle are a part of my life just as much as healthy eating. In the meantime, comment below, I’d love to hear from you! What motivates you to workout? How do you get rid of your excuses?

Stay healthy, happy, and fit!

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