Three Questions to Ask Yourself

I have tried unsuccessfully for years to “get my life together”. I am always trying to get up earlier, get more done, work harder, eat healthier…. and then trying to be more balanced, get more sleep, drink less caffeine, allow myself a “cheat meal”…. and it’s so confusing. I cannot seem to get it right no matter what I do. Recently, however, I’ve asked myself three questions, and I feel like I am finally “getting my life together.” Here are the questions so you can ask yourself too:

  1. What are your core values? This was the first question I asked myself, and answering it made a huge difference in how I spend my time. It also made a huge difference in how I treat people. If you want to read the story of my core values and discover how to find your own, check out the article I wrote here: Core Values
  2. What do you think about the most? If you’re consistently thinking about something other than what you’re doing, chances are you’re not following your passion and you aren’t pursing your purpose. For example, I haven’t pursued horseback riding because I didn’t want to spend the money on lessons and/or a horse, and also because I’ve also been told that I couldn’t make money from a career in horses. But I think about horses, riding, and barn work every single day. Money isn’t everything, and I’m going to get back into horseback riding and barn/farm work. And I want to make a career of it. What is your passion and your purpose? Are you pursuing it?
  3. Are the things you do every single day moving you toward your goals? Are they helping you develop your passion and purpose? Are they strengthening your core values? You can always do more. What you accomplish today, you can build on tomorrow. Are the things you are doing moving you toward your goals? What can you add? What should you get rid of? For me, I can add horseback riding. And I should take away (or, stop) procrastinating.

None of us will ever be perfect. But our God is perfect, and He has a purpose for us. He can use every experience in our lives for good. So even if you haven’t been pursuing your purpose and your passion, the things you have been doing don’t have to go to waste. You can learn from everything – even your mistakes. And learning isn’t a waste. So find your purpose, find your passion, and work toward your dreams.

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