My Fear of Failure

I have a huge fear of failure. I talk a lot about getting outside your comfort zone and doing things that you want to do, even if they scare you. And I talk about that from a place of personal experience. Everything I’ve done even though I was afraid, I’ve never regretted. But I’m nowhere near perfect. I still struggle with a fear of failure and imperfection on a weekly, daily, hourly basis. I have so many things I’ve wanted to do, but I’m so afraid of failing, that I’ve never started or even tried. And that’s one reason I’m writing this blog post.

I’ve wanted to post daily on my blog, but for the longest time, I haven’t. Why? Because I’m afraid of imperfection and failure.

Tonight I had the best talk with my health/business/life coach, Mei. She asked me what was holding me back from taking steps toward what I really want to do in life and for a career. The answer is, I feel like I’m not good enough. I don’t have the degree, the certification, the experience. And I cannot do anything perfectly! She told me that no one is good at anything when they first start. I don’t have to wait to start becoming a successful business person, to run a blog, to start a ranch, to be a freelance writer, to become a health coach. And this is what Mei brought to light and made me realize. The only thing getting in my way of pursuing my dreams is ME. I somehow think I’m not good enough because I don’t have a degree, a certification, the experience. Somehow I have this inner voice that tells me if I can’t do it perfect, I shouldn’t do it at all. The truth is, I’m never going to feel like I’m “ready”. And no one is ever perfect. I just have to start. And so there. I’ve posted this tonight. It’s my start.

What’s yours?

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