Why You Should Listen to Constructive Criticism

The other day I had a difficult conversation with one of the people I love and respect most – my dad. He had three things he thought I knew are a problem, and was just ignoring rather than fixing them – which is true.

When I first wrote this article, I wanted to keep both the things that were brought to light and the person that shared them with me anonymous. However, I decided that for the benefit of anyone who reads my blog, I will reveal both. I hope it will help and inspire you. Here are my three “blind spots”: 1. Keep your room clean. It might not be that important to you, but it’s important to your mom, who God put over you. So you’ll be blessed for keeping it clean. 2. Make sure you do your chores to help around the house. You live here, it’s only right that you do. 3. You’re still eating to eat (emotional/stress eating)…not because you’re hungry/need the food. I knew these things are a problem, but I was half-heartedly trying to fix them, and had mostly pushed them to the side.

It was hard to hear the things that I struggle with and need to improve. Thankfully, my dad had the tact and wisdom to also communicate that he’s not trying to control me, and he thinks I do have strengths. But he also said he would regret it if he didn’t tell me that he thought it would help me a lot if I improved on these things.

After hearing this, I had two choices. I could get mad and feel attacked, or I could be grateful that my dad was willing to speak up and reveal my “blind spots” to me. I chose the later. I am choosing to address the problems and stop avoiding them. I am going to improve. What was said is truth, and I am going to use that constructive criticism for good.

So the next time someone has a problem with you, and they speak up about it, don’t just get defensive. Consider whether what they’re saying is actually true or not. If it is, then you will want to take steps to improve. Realize it’s not a personal attack on you, it’s just something you could get better at. If it’s not true, then just dismiss it. Either way, thank them for bringing it to your attention. It’s your choice how you deal with criticism. Choose to use it to improve yourself.

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