Fight Fear With Action

I’ve wanted to drive the 680 miles to upstate New York for a year or two now. My family occasionally makes the trip, since most of our extended family that lives there. However, I’ve never driven that far without a parent (I’m nineteen, okay guys?!), and I’d never driven my ’98 rav4 that far either. A lot of “what-ifs” went through my brain. What if my car broke down in a remote area, and I didn’t have cell phone service? What if my car broke down and it was too expensive for me to afford to fix? As you can see, my main concern was my car. But, I have AAA, and if worse came to worst, I could just have the car towed back to my house and either ride with the tow truck, or take an Uber back myself (something I’ve also never done!). So I had a back up plan. But, I was still scared (almost sick!), and I hadn’t had a good enough reason to try it until…

An old friend (she’s not old! We’ve just been friends for a long time.) invited me to her graduation party in upstate New York. It was a perfect time for me to visit for a long weekend – I could get off work. Also, two of my sisters wanted to come with me. So on Thursday, we packed up all our stuff and my rabbit’s stuff (yes, my rabbit, Flopsy came too!), and took of for New York. Nothing bad happened, and we had a really fun trip!

In New York, I checked my fluids and found that my car was slowly eating oil (no surprise, it is old), and antifreeze (um, time to check for a leak!). But neither was leaking fast enough that I’d need to check them more than every 1,000 miles or so.

Nothing bad happened on the way back home. How do you think I feel now that I have done a 680 mile trip both ways in my car? I feel free and empowered! I’m ready to go to Florida or even cross-country! And if something did happen, I’m pretty confident I could handle it. But I also have a lot more faith that nothing would happen – at least, not that often.

So if you’re afraid of something, take action on it! Do it anyways! Once you conquer your fear, you’ll realize you are capable of things you never imagined. What’s something you’ve always wanted to do that you’re afraid of? Are you willing to take action anyways?

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